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I was given a vegie that looks like a white carrot. Only larger. It’s somewhat spicy in taste. What is it? How to cook it?

Carrots do not only exist as an orange color, they are also purple, red, and white! Therefore, you could have been eating a white carrot. Red, purple, and orange carrots tend to have the same taste, whereas white carrots tend to be a little bitterer. This vegetable could have also been white salsify, which is pale, thin, forked and has rootlets at the bottom, which sort of resembles a carrot. Salsify has a faint oyster taste and is usually available from early fall to early spring. Salsify goes well in creamy soups and stews, but can be eaten as a side dish. Salsify can be cooked using the same methods of other root vegetables. White carrots can be cooked the same as any other variety of carrots. They can be eaten raw or cooked. To help decrease the bitterness of the carrot you can try cooking it or adding it to other fruits or vegetables that tend to be sweeter. Try your white carrots in our Turkey and Cranberry Stew.
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