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I was recently diagnosed through x ray that to have Osteoarthritis of the tibia-right leg please, I need your advise as a member?

Osteoarthritis is a condition where the cartilage between the joints has been worn down over time, causing pain, discomfort, stiffening and immobility over time. Risk factors include, older age, obesity, being female, joint injuries (such are from sport injuries in the past) and occupations that put a lot of stress on the joints, among others. While osteoarthritis in incurable, there are many treatments, medication, and lifestyle changes that can help ease complications and pain. With your doctor’s approval, getting adequate exercise including light activities (walking, biking or swimming) can improve your endurance and strengthen the muscles around the joint to improve the overall quality of life of those suffering from this disease. Losing weight can also relieve tension and pressure on the joints. Fruits and vegetables are essential to any healthy lifestyle that promotes weight maintenance and loss. Learn what a healthy lifestyle entails in our recent About the Buzz.
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