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i was talking with one of my co workers and i was telling her that i had saw some black spots on some of the tomatoes, she said that it was somthing called blite so we were trying to find out how to keep my tomatoes form getting blite? and i’d like to know what it is.

There are three different types of tomato blight. However, since this is occurring on your tomatoes during late August/early September, the black spots on your tomatoes are most likely a disease known as late blight. Late blight affects both the leaves and tomato. Cool, wet weather encourages the formation of this fungus. The symptoms include: greasy looking, irregularly shaped gray spots on leaves, a ring of white mold can develop around the spots, blackened areas may appear on the stems, and/or the tomato also develops large, irregularly shaped, greasy gray spots. Contact your Local Extension Office for more information. As for prevention of tomato blight, the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension has information on diagnosing which type of blight your plant is experiencing and how to prevent it! Try our Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Tomatoes!
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