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I was told to avoid fruits, dairy products, etc. in the mornings during pregnancy, since I got gestational diabetes. Now, I wonder if it’s o.k. to give all this to my 3 year old for breakfast.

Gestational diabetes is fortunately short lived and the mother’s blood sugar levels return to normal after delivery. However, gestational diabetes increases the risk for the development of Type II diabetes, for both the mother and child, later in life. Therefore, fruits and vegetable should be incorporated into your child’s and your healthy lifestyle. Along with exercise, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains has been shown to decrease the development of type II diabetes later in life. Your three year old should be eating and adequate amount of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products each day. Fruits and vegetables help maintain blood glucose levels and do not have to be eaten at a certain time per day. In fact, they should be included in every snack and meal to meet your recommendation each day! Learn about some Healthy Breakfast Ideas to give your child a healthy start to their day. 
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