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I work for the New York State Museum in Albany, NY. We are putting together interactive educational Public Health programs for families for the week of 12/27-12/30. Do you have any ideas for programs that our museum could do during this week?Thank you.

We have tons of materials available in our catalog as well as at Fruits & Veggies–More Matters. We have lots of materials that can be used as a display or for handouts. It is always good to get the crowd involved and the most important thing is to have displays and activities that draw your participant’s attention. Make learning about a healthy lifestyle fun, but educational at the same time. You could try hosting a trivia game with facts about fruits and veggies—kids and parents always love this! Our Fruit & Veggie Beach Ball Game is always a crowd favorite! Hands on activities are always a crowd pleaser too! Our Pledge and P.A.C.K Week Toolkits have tons of information and materials that you can use–like activity sheets for kids and fruit and veggies tracking sheets! A lot of our material is available in Spanish as well!
Good luck with your program!
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