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I work with child care providers and have recently had one tell me that a parent of one of the children in her care told her that she feeds her six month old three jars of baby food before bedtime and that a pediatrician told her to do so. Then the parent was wondering why the baby didn’t sleep well! The child care provider is very concerned and tried to explain to the parent that the pediatrician probably meant for the baby to get three jars throughout the day, not just at the evening feeding. But the parent didn’t believe the child care provider. This provider wanted some information on serving sizes for all age children, which I did get for her. My question is this, Do you know if there is any kind of comparison that has been done with the contents of baby food jars and what an equivalent meal would look like for an adult. For example would one jar of 2nd foods baby food be equal to a typical serving size of a spaghetti dinner for an adult? If you do know of such a resource, I would love to be able to use it when working with the childcare providers as individuals as well as in group trainings. Thank-you.

What a great idea! I have not seen such a comparison and it would be hard to make in a precise way, since nutrients in jars are not all the same and different babies need different amounts. It is reasonable to say that a jar of baby food is like a baby’s dinner, and we don’t expect anyone to eat more than one dinner at a time. (If we expected babies to eat much more than one jar at a time the jars would be bigger!)

I hope the childcare providers learn a lot from your creativity.

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