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I would like to incourage my co-workers to eat better and to exercise. A majority of them are over weight and I have just lost 41 pounds and they want me to help them with losing weight! I have told them I need their help as much as they need mine! We are going to have an exercise class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on Wednesdays we could exchange recipes and I could give them health tips. Is there any good tip you can share with me that they could use? Thanks and I hope to here rom you soon!

A: We encourage eating fruits and vegetables as part of a weight loss plan because in addition to being nutritious and providing important nutrients, they help to promote feelings of fullness and delay hunger between meals, while not providing a lot of calories. There is helpful information at You can find some delicious, healthy recipes on this site by clicking here. They meet strict criteria for being low in fat and sodium.  We are also in the process of adding information about weight management to this website, so check back soon.
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