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I’m curious: I just turned 34, and I am concerned b/c I don’t eat a lot of Veggies. The following is a list of veggies that I eat:lettuce, onions (usually sauteed with other foods), potatoes, sweet potatoes/yams, corn, tomato products (not WHOLE ones), pickles, bell peppers (I LOVE salsa)By and large, obviously, im missing the Veggie family. I love pretty much EVERY fruit there is, but HATE veggies. Can you tell me:a) based on the list, what vitamins im in danger of being deficient in andb) how do i make sure to get the adequate vitamins/minerals im not getting. Thank you.

In order to provide your body with the best combination of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds, it is important to eat a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables. Every fruit or vegetable and color group offers a unique variety of vitamins and minerals. Since you are eating a larger variety of fruits and some vegetables, you are probably getting an adequate amount of nutrients. The most important thing is that you are eating your recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each and everyday by filling half-your-plate with fruits and veggies at every meal occasion!


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