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How can I reduce sodium in my post-workout energy drink?


Q. I’m drinking an energy drink to regain energy after aerobic workout that contains orange juice, lemon juice , lime juice, and celery. What can I substitute for the celery which is the sodium part of the drink?


A. Sodium is actually a very important nutrient for workout recovery if you have loss of fluids through sweat. Our bodies need it for muscle contraction and relaxation, fluid balance and nerve responses. The upper daily intake for sodium is 2300 mg for adults under 51 years of age and 1500 mg for 51 years and older. Celery is considered a low sodium food. One large stalk of celery contains about 50 mg of sodium. That is only 2%-3% of your daily intake depending on age. If you would still rather use another vegetable, check out our vegetable nutrition list for possibilities.

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