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Im in my late 40’s and still dont take a daily vitamin. I eat salads at least 3-4times per wk. I try to limit my sweet snacks and starchy foods. Drink water and walk much as possible. My bmi is is nomal limits. Do I need take a daily tablet for iron and vit D?

First of all, keep up the good work! It sounds like you are living a very healthy and active lifestyle. Second of all, if you are meeting your daily recommendations for all the vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and iron, you do not need to take any supplements. Eating a balanced meal rich in fruits and vegetables is the easiest way to meet your daily recommendations. Also, many vitamins and minerals work together and are absorbed by the body much better in the presence of other vitamins and minerals. For example, calcium is best absorbed by the bones when adequate vitamin D is available. Therefore, taking a single supplement is often not as effective as it would be if it was received from food. To verify that you are getting enough of all the vitamins and minerals, record your intake in a food journal for a few days (try and get one weekend day) and then enter your journal into the MyPyramid Tracker. This will give you a good idea of areas in your diet that you need to make improvements. Remember that most healthy individuals can meet all of their recommendations by well balanced diet—whole grain, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean protein (like eggs or seafood) and healthy fats! Check out best of: Iron to learn what vegetables are considered a good source of iron.
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