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im on a diet and my mother keeps telling me bananas arent good for my diet and that they make me not go to the bathroom?is this true ?

It is a myth that bananas shouldn’t be consumed when trying to lose weight. This myth may be related to the fact that bananas have a little more starch and less water than other fruits.  However, bananas are still a delicious, low calorie food to include as part of your overall intake.   Everybody’s digestive system reacts different to certain foods. Bananas may be constipating to some people because they contain less water than other fruits, and they also contain pectin. Pectin is used to make jelly, and has a similar binding effect in the intestines.  You can prevent constipation by consuming a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables at meals and snacks each day as well as including beans, nuts, whole grains, plenty of water and daily physical activity.  Half of what you eat throughout the day should be fruits and vegetables. For more information about the role of fruits and veggies in weight management, click here




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  1. It is interesting to note that in the 1960’s when I was raising my two children, their pediatrician told me about the B-R-A-T diet to harden stool: Banana, Rice, Apple juice or apple without the sking and tea of any type. Inidentally, Dr. Saphir is still around and active on the internet helping people with pediatric problems.

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