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I’m wondering if iceburg lettuce is the best choice for salads. Nutritionally I know that it has very little. but is romane that much better. I dont have a garden, so I dont have acess to a leaf lettuce. Thanks for any help you can give….

Your best bet would be to think variety when planning salads. Iceberg lettuce provides fiber and many people like the taste in a salad. Adding other vegetables to any salad, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, raw broccoli, carrots, etc. will increase the nutritional value. Any vegetables that you like work, and fruits do too! It’s also good to eat salads made from other kinds of greens, including romaine. You can also add raw spinach to salads for flavor and nutrition. Leafy lettuces, such as red leaf, Bibb, and mesclun greens can usually be found in the produce section of the grocery store, and at some Farmer’s markets in the spring, summer and early fall. Also, pre-packaged salad mixes at the grocery store come in a variety of different lettuces.

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