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Is it k to take vitamin supplement while juice fasting. I’m trying this new healthy idea of just drinking veggie juice, freshly made at home. but I’m afraid I’ll go low on Vitamin D and protein, especially that I left and workout a lot. I’m afraid this would have a negative effect on my lean mass. any tips about that and juice fasting n general. thank u so much!

If you’re meeting your recommendations for daily fruit and vegetable intake, there’s no need to “detoxify” your body through juice fasting, as you’re already doing this on a regular basis. By practicing healthy eating habits as well as relying on the natural abilities of your kidneys and liver, your body can efficiently remove all these toxins. Your body needs a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, protein sources (nuts, meats, beans), and milk products to maintain and function properly and provide your body with all of the essential nutrients. Therefore, you should not eliminate one of these food groups. Visit MyPlate to set up a healthy eating plan specific to your needs and sign up for our weekly Healthy Menu Ideas!
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