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Is it to much for a 10 year old to eat a medium size burger and a medium french fry?

It is hard to say without knowing the height, weight, gender, and activity level of your child, in addition to what else your child eats throughout the day.  However, more emphasis is being placed on large portion sizes as a contributor to overweight and obesity. The findings of a study involving pre-schoolers (Fisher, et. al 2003) suggests that children that are allowed to choose their own portion sizes or are fed age-appropriate portion sizes have calorie intakes that more closely match what is needed for their ages. If the children were fed large-size portions, they tended to eat too many calories. With the problem of childhood obesity on the rise, it is important for parents and care-givers to know what is an appropriate amount of food for a child. For example, half a cup of a fruit or vegetable is considered a serving. To find out what a cup of fruits or vegetables looks like, go to:; for appropriate amounts of other foods for various ages and activity levels, go to Or, for more speicalized dietary counsulting, look for a dietitian in your area at

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