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Is there a difference in the nutrient content of 110% orange juice made from concentrate and the ones that state not from concentrate. What is the relationship of the water added to the concentrate form?

When something is from concentrate it means that the water is removed and the solute is left. This is mainly done to reduce the weight of a product to make it easier for transportation. There is no difference between the nutrient value in juices that are made from concentrate and those that are not.. One form simply has the water removed and then you add the water back (in the case of frozen concentrate found in the frozen isle) or the manufacturer has added the water back in (100% juice made from concentrate). The other is sold with the water having never been removed (100% orange juice not from concentrate.) . Check out our Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried and 100% Juice section for more information on the nutrient differences in all forms of fruits and vegetables.
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