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Is there research that shows that the fruits and vegetables are most nutrient dense right when they’re picked, and their nutriants degrade the longer their stored?

The efficiency and effectiveness of storing and preserving fruits and vegetables has greatly improved over the decades. These improvements have helped to keep fruits and vegetables at their highest nutrient potential for longer time periods. Research in agriculture has aided in producing the highest nutrient quality of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the quality of the fruits and vegetables available for purchase in the store are comparable to the quality of nutrients in fresh picked fruits and vegetables. The most important thing is that you eat your fruits & veggies! Enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in all forms—fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice—prepared healthfully! They all provide beneficial compounds that promote a healthy life. Visit our Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Database to learn proper storage for almost 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables to prolong their shelf life.

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