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Join America’s More Matters Pledge to Fight Obesity

America's More Matters Pledge. Fruits And Veggies More


The obesity epidemic in America is a national health crisis. More than 60% of adults and nearly ONE in every THREE children are overweight or obese. Did you know obese children are more likely to become obese adults, with associated costs and life-threatening consequences? In fact, children today may be on track to have a shorter lifespan than their parents!


As a community, we all need to do our part to assure that Americans have affordable, good tasting, healthy food to eat at home, work, and school. Fruits and vegetables not only provide valuable nutrients to fight disease, but they’re critical in the fight against obesity. What can you do? Join America’s More Matters Pledge: Fruits & Veggies…Today and Every Day! and learn how fruits and veggies can play a bigger role in your community and your family.


Pick a pledge today and we’ll show you how you can follow through!

One-More-A-Day Pledge   3311 Pledges
I pledge to eat … and help my family eat … at least ONE MORE fruit or veggie every day.
Half-My-Plate Pledge   2444 Pledges
I pledge to fill half my plate … and my family’s plate … with fruits and veggies at every meal.
My-School Pledge   1224 Pledges
I pledge to help my school provide more fruit and vegetable options.

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