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kids own plate

When my daughter, Kira, was born, a good friend  the mother of two older children herself —  gave me a very cute pottery dish, shaped a flat round with a little hollow cup in the center.  In the midst of all the pink outfits, stuffed animals, and chew friendly books, it seemed a little mysterious to me.  I must have looked at it a little strangely, so she explained to me that every kid deserved their own veggie dipping plate.  I thought this was great advice.  So, as soon as my daughter was old enough to not toss it off the highchair, I started serving her veggies in the little dish, complete with a spoonful of low fat salad dressing dip.  To this day (my kids are now 5 and 7), we enjoy a veggie plate appetizer together before most meals.  I vary the vegetables served, depending on what looks best at the market, but always including a sure-fire favorite.  The kids like it because appetizers sounds so grown-up and  I’m providing them delicious munchies at a time when they’re really hungry.  I like it because I know they’re getting the veggies they need and it fends off the grumps while I finish making dinner!

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