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let kids choose

I let my grandkids pick out what fruits they want in their breakfast and in their smoothies and I allow them to make them.  We also have a weekly kid’s day in the kitchen where they plan the menu for the day and get to go to the grocery store and buy the items if we do not have them at home.

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  1. This is a great tip! I find that most of the time kids fuss about what’s on their plate the issue is control, not nutrition. (At least from their point of view) What they actually put in their mouths is one of the very few things they can control at a young age. So if you give them something they can control, like picking out what fruit or vegetable the family is eating at a meal, they feel more like they have some control over things.

  2. Just remember, no matter what fruit or veggie they pick out, you and the whole family will have to at least try it. Hopefully this will lead to the picky eaters being more willing to try things that other family members choose when it’s someone else’s turn.

  3. Don’t forget to try different forms of fruits and veggies! My daughter used to hate peas when I only served the kind that came from a can, but since I switched to frozen peas she will eat them now. Frozen and canned allow me to keep serving a fruit or vegetable she likes even if it’s not in season.

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