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Low Calorie Meals

ive been trying to cut calories i need low calorie foods or meals that fill me up quickly so i will stop eating as much and hopefull can lose some weight near my stomach

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  1. Try the South Beach Diet. It was developed by a cardiologist. It’s not really a diet but a way of life. You lose weight in your mid-section first! It’s great but it takes about 5 or 6 days until you look and feel different. There are 3 phases to the diet and phase one only lasts 2 weeks and you will lose 8-12 lbs. It’s safe for everyone. so you can cook for the whole family from the recipes in this book. Want to do something quick? no sugar, not even fruit, no processed foods (eliminate deli meat), and no carbs! no white anything (sugar, flour, breads, pasta). Think colorful plates of steamed veggies, grilled chicken breast with lemon juice, and salads galore. or eat what you like but control your portions.

  2. I like to snack on dried fruit, those brands with out any addatives that is. And for dessert try serving vanilla yogurt topped with mixed fresh berries and granola, it is so yummy and the kids will like it to.

  3. Low-carb, no carb, etc does not work in the long run. Take it from me, I’ve lost 170 pounds without help from anyone or any program. Eat a ‘balanced’ diet that works with your activity level. There is a difference between bad/garbage carbs (fluff breads, prepared foods) and whole grain carbs. Remember fruits and veggies are mostly carbs and they are the the best things for you. I recommend high fiber cereals w/ no added sugar, as much veggies and fruits you can stand and a minimal amount of everything else. Need more help, email me directly

  4. 250 lbs and cannot get weight and food off my mind. I really am sedimentary, just cant seem to get out the door. I want to be healthy. I love fruit and vegetables. But in pm time eat and eat and eat. Until I do not feel good. Help

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