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Meals On the Go

  1. Eat apples slices with low-fat cheese or peanut butter.

  2. Keep cut up veggies in a storage bag, for a quick on the go snack.

  3. Mom! Bring orange wedges to your child’s sports team.

  4. Mom!Orange slices make a great snack for kids during sports team’s games or practices.

  5. Mom! Raisins and other dried fruit like apricots, cranberries, apples, blueberries – even bananas are a perfect go anywhere snack for kids!

  6. Quick snacks: raisins, grapes, 100% juice box, carrot/celery sticks with low-fat dip, fruit shake or smoothie, trail mix, frozen fruit bar

  7. Take an apple, banana, plum, pear, peach, or other grab and go fruit. Add a low-fat granola bar for a quick and easy breakfast.

  8. Make breakfast smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit, low-fat yogurt, and 100% orange juice. They’re like milkshakes, take about five minutes to whip up and are easy to drink on the way to school.

  9. Sending kids off to school with a sweet roll or apple turnover? Consider low-fat yogurt and granola combinations or fresh fruit cups instead.

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