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My 13 yr old absolutely will not eat anything that I cook. The only veggie he’ll eat is carrots. He won’t touch fruit at all. I’ve struggled with this for his whole life and I’m at a point I’m worn down. In trying to keep this short, I just don’t know what to do anymore – he won’t even taste things at times!

Adolescence can be trying- for kids and their parents! It is an age for exerting their growing independence, which in your case, may be taking the form of rejecting your cooking. Your son doesn’t need to eat your cooking, but he does need to eat foods that will allow him to grow to his full potential and keep him healthy. You can support his choices as long as they accomplish this. You might try letting him plan his diet at as this will allow him to see what he needs without any input from you. Once he has chosen a healthy diet, you can support his choices. Let him pick healthy foods at the grocery store, and prepare more of his meals himself. If you’re having trouble with getting him to eat fruits and veggies that you cook specifically, as opposed to all foods that you cook, keep these things in mind: add more red tomato sauce and less cheese to pizza, spaghetti sauce on pasta counts, the beans and vegetables in chili count. Adding fruit or veggies to what he already eats may be a tactic you can try. 

 You may both enjoy some of our healthy recipes by clicking here.

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