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My almost six year old son is almost 80 lbs. I cant get him to eat anything but starch, dary, brocoli and manderin oranges in juice. I have him help prepar food and vegies, even deserts with friut, but he wont eat it. Also he is hungry every 30 minuts. Any sugestions?

Without knowing your sons’ height, it is difficult to judge where his weight falls on a growth chart. As for your son being hungry every thirty minutes, does he have any underlying medical conditions or take any medication? If the answer to both of those questions is no, I would suggest that you take your son for a full physical check up to ensure his growth and development are on track. The goal for weight management for a child this age is to slow his weight gain to allow his height to “catch up”. It is very rarely necessary to put such a young child on a calorie restricted diet.

As for the food preferences, start with the positive. He likes broccoli and mandarin oranges! Children at this age are still very impressionable and it is not too late to learn healthy eating behaviors. One thing to consider-the most important role model a child has for eating is his parents. Do you encourage him to try new foods? Do you eat fruits and vegetables often? Children learn by example.

Start slowly. Ask your son to accompany you to the grocery store to pick out a new fruit or vegetable that he would be willing to try. (Try our downloadable supermarket scavenger hunt and eater meter to make it fun!)  But don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t like something at first try, keep trying!

Also, give him ample opportunity to be active for about 1 hour each day, which will help manage his weight.

For more help, find a registered dietitian at in your area that can work with you one on one.

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