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my grand daughter, age9, does not like fruits or veggies…she is putting on weight. She is a carnivore and bread eater. Have tried introducing many healthy choices but to no avail.

There is no doubt about it, children can be very hard to feed! I know that you may be concerned about your daughter gaining weight, but during this time of her life it is important for you to encourage her to have a good relationship with food. If she only seems to like eating meat and bread at this time, teach her about moderation and portion sizes. When it comes to fruits and veggies, you could try taking her to the grocery store and having her pick out a new fruit or vegetable she would like to try, or try adding a small amount of a fruit or vegetable into a dish that she already enjoys. Remember that your daughter learns primarily by example, so if you consume more whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables, she may eventually be persuaded to do the same. Don’t give up and try some of our tips for getting picky eaters to eat their fruits and veggies! In time she will learn to love fruits and veggies!  
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