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My husband and I make homemade wine. We were given a container of pure pomegranate concentrated juice. I cannot find a recipe that shows anything but X amount of pomegranates. Could you please tell me how many pomegranates are equivalent to 1 litre of this concentrated juice???? Or even 1 cup of juice equals how many pomegranates???Thanks so much.

I’m afraid that I could find only 1 reference to making juice from pomegranates, which suggests that the average fruit will yield 4-6oz, or ½ to ¾ cup of juice. Like all fruits, some are juicier than others. If your juice is concentrated, then ½ cup would represent the juice from more than 1 fruit, depending on the level of concentration. Perhaps you can use a wine recipe that starts off with juice (e.g. grape juice) instead of whole fruit.
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