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My husband bought me a fruit dehydrator for Christmas. I love eating the dried fruit, but have no way of figuring nutritional value. I have lost 47lbs in the last 13 months with Weight Watchers and still have about 10 to go. I don’t want to ruin that, or hurt my husbands feeling by not using his gift. Can you tell me more about nutritional info for dried fruits?” from Amy

Congratulations on your weight loss! Dried fruit can be a delicious part of a healthy diet. Drying the fruit removes the water and very little else, so one apple sliced and dried, has the same calories as the original apple. Since the water has been removed but all the sugar remains, dried fruit tastes sweeter than the fresh fruit. You might want to separate portions of fruit in the dehydrator before you dry them, then either store individual servings in baggies or note on your storage container that 1 fruit is about so many pieces of your dried ones. Enjoy!
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