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My nephew will only eat broccoli,sweetcorn and peas, sausages and chicken and baked beans,bread and milk and green apples. He refuses all other fruits, veg and meats and fish. Is he getting enough? He won’t even try strawberries or ice-cream.

 It’s not unusual for young children to have “food jags” and to stick with a few foods at a time.  I’m actually impressed with this list — he could be doing much worse.  I wouldn’t be overly concerned since he’s getting at least something from every food group.  When introducing a food to a child, it may take multiple tries before they learn to like it.  So don’t give up – continue to encourage him to at least “taste” new foods because his “taste buds” might have “grown up.”  Also try different ways of introducing a product …. So strawberries in a fruit smoothie might go better than on ice-cream (and is better for him anyway!)  A child might like canned peaches better than fresh; or fresh pears better than canned. 
There are literally hundreds of different fruits and vegetables and thousands of ways to prepare them – there are bound to be more that he likes given time.  Just don’t give up!!  (If you’d like more individualized help, visit to find a local dietitian in your area.) 
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