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my partners 9 year old has just asked us what the difference is between white and brown suger but the truth is, apart fron the colour im not sure. please help

Brown sugar and raw sugar are both brown beca us e they contain molasses. Molasses is one of the byproducts formed when sugar is refined from sugar cane juice (or sugar beet juice). Brown sugar is made by adding molasses to white sugar. Raw sugar, also called Turbinado, Demerarra or M us covado sugar, has not yet had the molasses completely removed from it. Brown and raw sugars have small amounts of minerals and slightly fewer calories per pound than white sugar.

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  1. Yum! My mom use to make a very similar dish when i was a child. She used rugelar carrots cut into coins (Baby carrots didn’t exist yet) and the only thing different is she didn’t use maple syrup. Just butter and brown sugar on steamed carrots. A very fond childhood memory. Thanks for bringing that back to me.

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