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My seven month old baby has a yellow tinge to her face. The doctor has given the all clear, so what could be causing it? Could the beta caratine in her baby food be the cause? We feed only organic food.

As long as you have had the baby checked out by a physician who rules out jaundice, it could be that her diet is too high in vegetables that contain beta carotene.

With regards to carrots … yes you can eat so many of them that your skin will turn yellow. One carrot (7 1/2" long) has 2025 RE of vitamin A, which is 203% of the daily value. If you feed your baby the equivalent of more than 3 carrots in a day (> 34,000 IU), you’ll limit the baby’s ability to store vitamin A over a short period of time and possibly see an orange tint to the skin. I would suggest you decrease carrot consumption and increase her consumption of other fruits and vegetables.

Broccoli (1 spear = 232 RE of vitamin A) and other foods that are high in vitamin A, or carotene, will do the same but you would have to eat almost 9 broccoli spears to equal the vitamin A in one carrot.

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