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my son is 5 dosent eat fruits and vegetables i have a juicer what should i buy that tast good together and is good for him thanks

A juicer is a great way to help kids enjoy their fruits and vegetables! The great thing about fruits and vegetables is that there are so many great combinations that taste delicious! Try mixing bananas, oranges and strawberries. Add blueberries for a burst of blue or spinach for a burst of green! The great thing about spinach is that you can add a few leaves to any smoothie and you add vitamins and minerals with out changing the flavor. When it comes to juicing make sure that when combining fruits and vegetables choose a fruit or vegetable with a strong flavor (i.e. bananas, raspberries, or oranges) that your child already knows and enjoys. This will make them more willing to try all of your combinations. Get creative and try lots of combinations out on your own! Also visit our recipe database for lots of great kid-friendly recipes!
Also, I know that it can be hard to get your son to eat fruits and vegetables, but there is hope! Try our Top 10 Ways to Get Kids Involved in the Cooking Process—when kids are part of the cooking process they are more likely to try fruits and vegetables. Read our tips about Picky Eaters and learn the answers to the frequently asked questions of moms like you!
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