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My son wont eat his vegetables He is almost 2 we have tried everything.

Getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables can sometimes be a challenge!  It is actually very normal for kids to become more picky about their foods around the age of 2. The important thing is to continue to offer vegetables at meals and encourage him to taste. It may take 5 – 10 trials before your child learns to like something … encourage him to continually taste things.   Set a good example – if your child sees that the rest of the family (especially parents) are eating vegetables, he may be more likely to eat them as well.  As he gets older, try letting him decide which vegetables he would like to eat (not if he is going to eat them).  Take him along on your next trip to the grocery store and try engaging him while in the produce department by identifying colors, counting etc.  Many moms will find ways to ‘hide’ veggies in foods such as meat loaf, tomato sauce, soups, etc. so that they know the child is getting the nutritional benefits.   Lastly, you are not alone.  See what other mothers have said about their similar challenges in our Mom2Mom section.


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