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My wife and I want to start juicing our fruits and vegatables. We would like to juice the drinks into quart jars and then freeze them. We could then take a quart at a time out of the freezer every day. This way we would not have to bother with the juicing machine every day, reducing prep time and clean-up, which is time consuming). Our question is, will the freezing of the vegable juices deminish the nutritional value of the juice? AND, is there something that we can use the pulp that the juicer seperates, for something other than adding it to our compose pile or feeding it to our chickens?

Studies on frozen foods suggest that the majority of the nutrients are retained when they are frozen, so your method should work well. Depending on what you juiced, you might add some of the pulp to soups, either canned or home made, or use it to make a vegetable stock. The pulp contains the fiber from the original fruits and vegetables so it would be great if you could find a way to use large quantities.

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