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What is the nutritional value of half an acorn squash if you eat the skin too?


Q. Dear Dr. Pivonka,I learned recently you can eat the skin of the acorn squash. Martha Stewart even has a recipe for baked acorn squash where she says eat the skin too. I tried it once and it’s not bad. What I was wondering was What is the nutritional values of a half an acorn squash if you eat the skin too? Thank You, Joan Zanetti


A. By consuming fruit and vegetable skins as on the acorn squash for example, you increase your fiber intake. There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Fiber from the outer skin and peels of fruits and veggies is predominantly insoluble fiber. The skins are carbohydrates that are not readily digested. Insoluble fiber is a valuable nutrient that aids weight management by filling you up more quickly, works as a natural laxative that helps move waste through the body, and helps to keep blood sugars within a normal range post meal. One half of a four inch acorn squash when eaten with the skin meets 12% of your daily fiber needs, 11% of vitamin A, contains only 86 calories, 32% of daily vitamin C, and trace amounts of other important vitamins and minerals.


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