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What is your opinion of the new recommendation to eat 10 fruits & veggies a day?


Q. What are your thoughts on the recent meta study from scientists at the Imperial College London, that shows ’10 a day’ or 800g of veggies and fruit reduces risk for several diseases? I started eating 800 grams of veg/fruit a day after the study came out and my family and friends think I’m nuts! I figure it can’t hurt to up my intake to this level though?


A. The recent meta-analysis study completed in the UK on fruit and vegetable intake confirms and reinforces the scientific evidence we know in the United States:  to help prevent chronic diseases, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday.  This current study recommends consuming 10 fruits and vegetables which is equivalent to 10, 3 oz (80 gram) servings, thus 800 grams/day.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans advises Americans to, “Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables,” which is about 4 to 6 cups/day based on one’s needs.  Both guidelines can be met with good meal planning.


Public health studies continue to demonstrate reduction in disease risk by consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.  Make sure you meet your daily recommendation and remember all forms matter,  fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice.    

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