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Is there a particular fruit or fruit type good for diabetes?


Q. What’s best for a diabetic that won’t spike your b.’s to much I love oranges so I mainly eat oranges


A. Typically, all fruits can be worked into a meal plan for diabetes, but since they do contain carbohydrates, the portions need to be controlled. Blood sugar responses to different foods vary for everyone and are affected by factors such as diabetes medications, composition of the meal, time of day, and activity.  The fiber in whole fruit may help slow the response to the natural sugar that is in the fruit, but can be very individual.  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has some resources for meal planning.  You should work with your diabetes educator or a registered dietitian nutritionist for a specific meal plan to determine how much carbohydrate you need.


Enjoy your fruits and veggies each and everyday and make sure you are meeting your daily recommendation.

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