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please explain the numbers on the stickon lables on fruit

The little stickers with numbers on fresh fruit and vegetables are Product Look Up codes (PLU’s) for items that are sold by the pound.  These take the place of the barcodes that are on virtually all packaged products.  The cashier weighs the product, then enters the PLU number.  The store’s computer system is programmed with the price per pound for each of the individual PLU’s.  It can then calculate the total price for the item by multiplying the exact weight by the price per pound.  This is especially helpful and important to insure pricing accuracy for produce items that are available in many varieties – such as apples.  The cashiers don’t have to guess whether the apples you’ve selected are Red Delicious, Jonathans, Gala and so on, as each of these would have a different PLU.

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