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Please tell me if I can freeze or put in jars sweet potatoes and how is the best way to process. Also can I put them in a dehydraiter? I have alot if sweet potatoes and I hate to see them go to waste. Thank You and God Bless You! Rosa

What a delicious problem to have—too many sweet potatoes!



For freezing sweet potatoes, information obtained from the Cooperative Extension Service at the

University of

suggests first cooking them until almost tender (either by steaming, pressure cooker or in the oven).  Once cool, they can be peeled, cut in halves, sliced or mashed.  Then, to prevent darkening, dip the whole or sliced sweet potatoes in a lemon juice/water solution (½ cup / 1 quart).   A little orange or lemon juice added to mashed sweet potatoes will keep them from darkening as well.  Put into containers, seal and freeze.



You can also dehydrate them or bake your own sweet potato chips for a great snack!!



Remember, when selecting sweet potatoes, choose ones that are firm with smooth skin.  Avoid those with cracks, soft spots or blemishes.  Store in a cool, dry place for use within 3-5 weeks.  Get more selection and storage information for many different fruits and vegetables right here on our website:



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