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Puree It!

I have found that pureed vegetables are great as a soup and also as an addition to anything that you bake that might need liquid such as meat loaf or even quiche. Our favourite soup this winter was pureed broccoli and potato. We’d dress it up sometimes with some cheese, but normally we had it without anything other than some vegetable boullion to make it less thick and herbs. It’s important to make it about the vegetable and not the potato so you should limit how much potato you use. Other root vegetables such as carrots or sweet potatoes don’t need a white potato to make it into a thick soup. With these vegetables, spices can also be used. Our grandchildren like carrot soup and we like sweet potato soup with spices. Since it’s spring, we’ll start having asperagus soup. And if you want to really dress it up, you can always all just a bit of melted butter or even olive oil with some tarragon or other fresh herb. The great thing about these soups is that they have a fabulous mouth feel and they really fill you up! Itll take the edge off of a large meal so you dont overeat.

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  1. I enjoyed sweet potato soup for the first time recently and talked with the chef about how to prepare it. He uses a chicken stock base, lots of chopped onion, sweet potatoes pureed, pepper and chipotle pepper, chopped. He adds whipping cream and simmers for 30-45 minutes. Great also with toasted pumpkin seeds and/or shredded and toasted sweet potato curls. Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful soup.

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