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Recently I heard that microwaving vegetables killed the nutrients. I have always thought this would happen but had never heard anything until very recently and now am wondering if it is true. Also, I have heard that Papayas have enzymes that aid in digestion. If the digestion aid is not from enzymes, what is it then that cause papayas to be helpful in digestion?

Vegetables lose some vitamins due to any cooking method. To minimize the loss, steaming or microwaving is preferred. Water soluble vitamins are lost more easily into the cooking water so any method using less water is recommended. Also cook vegetables for as short a time as possible.



Papayas do contain an enzyme called papain. It is a protease that is useful in tenderizing meat. It is also used commercially in powdered form for tablets that aid in digestion. Papain is most concentrated in unripe papaya. Papayas are loaded with vitamin A and fiber and are delicious and healthy.


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