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Serving at School

I stress fresh fruits and veggies on my line all the time.  There is always 7 fresh fruits plus carrots with dressing, broccoli too.  Once a month I either carve a veggie into a creative master piece or use apples to look like birds and carrots and bell peppers to make a palm tree or a cucumber in a shark.  I feed 750 student in elementary and I love to see there faces when they see what I have done to make my serving line a master piece of fun food.

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  1. Way to go! I think that it is really awesome that you put that extra effort into helping those kids pay more attention to those fruit and veggies in that food line. As a mom, I really appreciate that! If only more people would try to happily entice kids (instead of forcing them) to try something new and different, perhaps this country’s obesity and disease rates will start to go in reverse. Kudos to you!

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