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Several of your recipes ask for “egg substitute.” Are you referring to the eggs that come pre-beaten like Egg Beaters (which aren’t really a substitute for eggs since they’re 99% egg!), a powdered egg replacer, or something else entirely? I’ve been wanting to make the pear nog recipe I saw posted last month that mentioned using egg substitute to make it healthier than eating raw eggs in regular egg nog, so I assume it’s not a real egg product, but can’t find an actual liquid egg subsitute anywhere. Please help!

Eggs contain cholesterol and fat, primarily in the egg yolk. Therefore, egg substitutes are a healthier alternative because they remove a majority of the yolk making them healthier for you. Egg substitutes come in many different forms—fresh, frozen, powder—and contain mostly egg whites (the part of the egg that doesn’t contain a lot of cholesterol or fat). The reason Egg beaters (which are an egg substitute) still contains “99% egg” is because they use the egg white part but not the yolk. Any egg substitute will work for this recipe. I hope this helps! Check out our Recipe Database for more great recipes!
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