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What is the shelf-life of frozen tomatoes?


Q. I have so many fresh tomatoes from my garden, I cooked them down and froze them to use in soups at a later date. When I use them in my soups, I plan to make a batch and freeze. Does it hurt to refreeze tomatoes once they have been frozen a first time?


A. Congratulations on your successful tomato harvest! Freezing is a terrific method to lock in the seasonal flavor and nutrients of tomatoes over several months. Tomatoes contain potassium and lycopene which have multiple health benefits such as a reduced risk of developing certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases.


Be sure to label and date the container or freezer bag to monitor the expiration. For best results, frozen foods should be used within 6 months from the initial freeze date.  Whether you refreeze the tomatoes a second time after making soup should not be a problem (in fact I regularly do the same thing myself). Tomatoes are quite versatile and compliment so many recipes.  Check out our Fruit & Veggie Recipe Database and the Tomato Wellness Council website for multiple ways to use tomatoes in meals and snacks.



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