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Is my smoothie healthy?

Q. I am using the nutra bullet and I am using beets baby spinach carrots some other greens adding water or juice along with protein powder 20 grams table spoon of flaxseed milled table spoon on chia seed I had a friend say this could be bad and cause health problems I also sometimes add a couple of brazil nuts I try to change up the greens adding kale at times alfalfa sprouts am I doing anything wrong I am also giving this to my husband


A. Smoothies are a great way to pack a lot of nutrition into a quick meal or snack. Incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to enhance vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber intake. Adding protein powder, chia seeds, nuts and/or flaxseed makes a smoothie into a meal with healthy sources of fat and protein. You could even substitute milk, yogurt or a non-dairy milk to increase calcium in place of water or juice in your smoothie. How to Create a Smoothie


One thing to take into consideration with your smoothies is if you are gaining weight. It’s easy to get more calories than we need in a day if we drink our calories than if we eat our calories by drinking them. To see daily recommendations for fruits, vegetables and other food groups visit

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