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Spectacular Stir-Frys

Stir fry dishes are a wonderful way to incorporate plenty of healthy veggies into your diet.  An extra bonus is they are easy to make and can be prepared quickly, which makes them ideal for a weeknight supper.  They typically use one pan, so you’ve got minimal cleanup as well!  I’ve collected a few of my favorite stir fry recipes to share with you this week.


Brown Rice Stir Fry with Vegetables makes for a perfect meatless meal (ideal during the Lenten season!).  You’ll want to start by cooking some brown rice according to the package directions and set aside.  Next, put water into a wok or frying pan, bring to a boil, and add your veggies (chopped red cabbage, chopped broccoli, chopped bell pepper, and chopped zucchini).  Make sure the water covers the vegetables.  Cook for 2 minutes, drain the veggies, and set aside.  Heat olive oil in the wok and add chopped garlic, cayenne powder, and chopped parsley.  Cook for 1 minute, stirring.  Add in the veggies, rice, and soy sauce.  Cook a few minutes more and serve with sesame seeds for a garnish.


Simple Vegan Blog


Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry with Lemon Sauce is a simple, yet elegant dish that’s perfect to serve to dinner guests.  Start by whisking together chicken stock, cornstarch, sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, and lemon zest.  Set aside.  In a frying pan, heat olive oil over medium heat and add shrimp in a single layer.  Cook for about 3 minutes and turn to cook both sides.  Shrimp should be pink, but slightly underdone.  Remove the shrimp from the pan and set aside.  In the same pan add more olive oil and then add chopped asparagus.  Cook until the asparagus is crisp-tender.  Season with salt and add minced, fresh ginger and chopped garlic.  Cook another minute and pour in your lemon sauce.  Return shrimp to the pan and let simmer for another few minutes until the sauce is thickened.


Home Cooking Memories


Another quick and easy meal is Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry.  Begin by heating olive oil in a pan and adding broccoli flowerets and sliced carrots.  Cook until the veggies are crisp-tender and set them aside.  Add more oil to the pan and add pieces of chicken breast.  Cook until golden brown and cooked through.  Add in minced garlic and cook for 30 seconds.  Return veggies to the pan and cook until warmed through.  In a bowl combine chicken broth, honey, and soy sauce.  Add to the chicken/veggie mixture and cook for 30 seconds.  In a second bowl combine cornstarch and a tablespoon of cold water.  Add that to the chicken/veggie mixture.  Cook until it begins to thicken.  Serve immediately.


Courtesy of Dinner at the Zoo


I’ll be back next week with some ways to use radicchio.


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