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What are your suggestions for following a low-sodium diet?

Q. My husband has Meniere’s disease and has to restrict his salt intake. I have been interested in putting more fresh veggies in, but when I see the salt content of some, 622 mg in a 12 oz serving of heart of palm, it concerns me. Got any suggestions?


A. Hearts of palm can be high in sodium if they are canned. (Keep in mind that the can must list all sodium in the can, including the liquid that you probably won’t eat. If you drain the vegetable and rinse it with running water, almost ½ of the sodium can be removed.) Try using fresh or frozen vegetables, or look for low-sodium/no-sodium canned products. Vegetables that have similar flavor to hearts of palm are asparagus and artichoke. Following a low-sodium diet can be challenging, especially since things that don’t taste salty, like bread and milk, have sodium as well. Be sure to include herbs and spices that can add flavor with little to no sodium.

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