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Thank you for clarifying that 4 ounces of 100% juice is a “serving of fruit.” Just to further clarify, does that mean that a 16 ounce smoothie is four servings of fruit? I love to get All Fruit smoothies at Jamba Juice. They are just fruit and juice.

If you are making smoothie with whole fruit, it would not count as juice. Therefore you would determine your serving size based off the amount of fruit used to make the smoothie (i.e. 1 cup of sliced strawberries is equal to 2 servings of fruit). Remember that a lot of companies use additional ingredients in their smoothies due to cost effectiveness so be inquisitive about all of the ingredients used to make them. Smoothies also are not usually just fruit alone, most of the time they are made with ice, milk, or yogurt too. Try some of our smoothie recipes—they are made with whole fruit and veggies! If determining the serving size confuses you, keep it simple and make half-your-plate fruits and veggies at every eating occasion! You are sure to meet your recommendations by using this easy method!
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  1. Thank you again for your help. I just spoke with an employee at Jamba Juice and confirmed that their All Fruit smoothies have no extra ingredients, just 100% juice and frozen fruit. They don’t know what a cup size is but they believe that they have about six ounces of frozen fruit in their All Fruit smoothies in the Sixteen size.

    More good news. They said they are coming out with smoothies with vegetable juice in them next Tuesday March 15! I can’t wait. I know you want us to make our own smoothies, but it’s just more convenient for me to pick up my own for lunch from Jamba. I can’t leave a lot of fruits in our office refrig. And mine at home don’t taste as good.

  2. On several sites that have links to this one, I am seeing that 6 ounces of 100% juice is considered a full serving of juice. But you are saying four ounces. What is the source of the four ounce serving definition? Thanks for your help.

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