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Thank you very much for answering my recent question, I really appreciate it!! (?We recently bought a juicer and have been using it daily for fresh juice. To determine calories we add all the fruits/vegetables together and divide by the glasses we pour. My question is whether or not you use the entire calorie count for each fruit/vegetable used since the juicer only extracts the liquid and discards the rest? thanks for your help.)I have a follow up question to this, if i may. Is there a way for me to calculate the calories for the juice I’m making? Thank you in advance for your help!

First of all, I am glad we were able to help! Determining calories when using a juicer can be a little tricky. I would use a general rule that half a cup of 100% juice (4 oz) is equal to approximately 60 calories. Remember that while consuming 100% juice is nutritious for you, it is also important to consume whole fruit and vegetables to ensure you are getting adequate fiber.  Read more about 100% juice and thank you for your questions!
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