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The Naked Juice product is advertised as a 100% fruit juice with nothing added. I was wondering if you know anything about this product and if this is any good for me? The label list all sorts of fruits that are included in the bottle, is this the same as eating these fruits? Thx

When selecting juice it is very important to select 100% juice. 100% juice can count towards your fruit servings for the day. Therefore, yes 100% fruit juice is good for you. However, you don’t want to consume all your fruit as juice. Since the fiber content of juice is less than that of the whole fruit, you want to also incorporate fresh, frozen, or cooked fruits as well. These forms of fruit and vegetables tend to be higher in fiber. Remember to read the label to make sure there is not a lot of added sugar to your juice. Fruit has natural sugar and the healthiest juice does not have added sugar. Another helpful tip is to remember that 4 oz of most fruit juices counts as a serving (that’s half a cup!). So to answer you question, yes, 100% fruit juice is good for you, but remember moderation!

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