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The USDA is recommending not more five, but four portions/day?? Is it right?? Is there any guidance regarding which number fruit portions should be included in these four daily portions?? Regards

The amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat a day varies depending on your calorie needs, which are determined by age, gender, and activity level.  Check out exactly how many servings of fruits and vegetables you should have a day.

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  1. So the dairy is there, I think, mostly baesuce of lobbying efforts on behalf of the dairy industry. I don’t think dairy is evil either, just the fact that it got it’s own spot seems to me to come from their efforts in Washington. There are a lot of people who read this blog who think milk is actually evil. In my opinion you can take it or leave it as you see fit. The fat not being there is a tricky issue, I can see where if you mention it you get into a big mess of how to explain it. The transfat people (more lobbyists) would have their panties in a wad if they got mentioned negatively so it’s a bit of a political minefield if you talk about it at all. I guess that means they just left it out and people will have to fend for themselves. What I’d like to see emphasized somewhere is that veggies mean veggies, not a salad swimming in blue cheese dressing (or something like that) as a veggie then you start to lose the impact of the plate. We’ll see, I do think it’s an improvement and I’m hoping it will help people educate themselves. This is the kind of thing that seeps into our culture whether we want it to or not. Lisa

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