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Toddler Eating Veggies

How can I get my 2Yr old to eat Veggies?  What he does eat I hide it in his potatoes.

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  1. I shred carrots, zucchini, peppers and onions then add them to ground beef or ground turkey for meatballs, burgers, or meatloaf. Sometimes I even add them to crab cakes or salmon cakes! The veggies add extra flavor but the kids don’t know they’re there so they eat them.

  2. Try pureed (or baby food) pumpkin, winter squash or great northern beans in soups, macaroni + cheese or mashed potatoes. They are also great added to hashbrowns with an egge and pan-fried into patties.

  3. You should try to sqweeze in a vegetable at almost a very meal. That way if your two year old doesn’t eat one serving of vegetables he or she will still have a chance of getting his or hers vegetables in. Plus, your child will get used to having more than one vegetable a day and will hopefully start eating them. Also try rewarding your child by giving him or her a special treat or dessert if your child eats his or her vegetables. Never thretean! If you start to thretean your two year old, he or she will think that it’s okay to thretean other people themselves whenever they don’t get their way.

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